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Console Display

Speed Incline Distance Pace Average Speed Calories Heart Rate Time Elapsed, Time Remaining % Complete Time in Zone Segment Time Cals/min Cals/hr watts METS Target HR Average HR Elevation Gain Workout Profile Workout Summary

Numerical Keypad


Tactile Dome Keys

Units Selection Metric or U.S. Standard

Preset Programmes Manual Interval 1:1, 1:2, 1:3 Heart Rate Basic HRC Customised Weight Loss HRC Weight Loss HRC Weight Loss 1 Aerobic 2 Aerobic Customised Weight Loss HRC Weight Loss HRC Variety Random 1 Cross-Country 2 Cross-Country 1 Gluteal, 2 Gluteal 1 Customised, 2 Customised Performance Track 5K Gerkin Fitness Test USAF PRT Navy PRT Army PFT USMC PFT Federal Law Enf. PEB WFI Firefighter Test

Heart rate monitoring

Touch heart rate sensors located on fixed handlebars for increased accuracy and ease of use by users of all sizes.

Telemetry Equipped for heart rate telemetry reading, using a chest strap.

Equipment Specifications

Power Cord Management ICE 320-C19 inlet, supporting Schuko and BSI plugs

Motor IFT-Drive controller works with a 4 HP AC induction motor for a smooth, natural feel. 3-phase, sensorless variable frequency drive technology for high reliability and accurate speed control.

Handrail Length (cm/inches) 24 inches/61 cm

Roller Diameter (cm/inches) 4 inches/10.2 cm

Maximum User Weight 500 lb / 227 kg

Step-up Height 11.6 inches/29.5 cm

Speed Range 0.5 – 12 mph/0.8-25.5 km/h

Decline/Incline Range -3% – 15% in 0.5% increments

Running Surface (L X W) 60 X 20 inches/153 X 51 cm

Equipment Dimensions & Weight

Height with PVS 80 inches/203 cm

Length  88 inches/224 cm

Width 35 inches/89 cm

Equipment Weight 456 lbs/207 kg

Height  64 inches/163 cm

Power Requirements

International 240 VAC IEC 320-C19 inlet supporting Schuko and BSI plugs

U.S. & Canada 240 VAC Dedicated 240V/20A circuit with 6-20R NEMA receptacle

U.S. & Canada 120 VAC Dedicated 120V/20A circuit with 5-20R NEMA receptacle

Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) Powered

Cord Length (ft / meters) 3.7 m/12 ft