Equipment Repair:  When your equipment is giving you trouble, whether it is in a commercial facility or in your home, we’re here to assist in getting you back up and running.  The list is very short when it comes to equipment we will NOT do repair service on.


Preventive Maintenance:  “An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure” -Benjamin Franklin.  Preventive maintenance is a necessary evil.  It truly is a small investment in maintaining the health of your equipment.  Nearly every brand of equipment on the market today requires maintenance at stated intervals.  Even the most expensive pieces out there.  You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and refuse to change the oil, would you?  We offer maintenance for all makes and models, residential or commercial whether they were purchased from us or not.


Custom Painting:  Painting is a crucial part of remanufacturing fitness equipment….and a step that many other companies can and most likely shortcut.  Proper rust treatment/elimination and adequate base primer can have a huge effect on the finished product.  Since this is a step we never shortcut, you will be able to name your color when we go to repaint your equipment.  We will use special paints when needed as well.  For instance, a customer was putting equipment on his boat so we used two coats of galvanizing zinc paint under his top color of choice to avoid any corrosion from the salty air.


Flooring: Options will all be loaded on this page soon!  We are a fully authorized dealer of flooring products from Humane Manufacturing and Supermats Inc.  Please visit these websites for product info or contact us regarding your specific flooring needs. Whether it's for a residential or commercial space, we can provide you with the tools to outfit your workout area with whatever flooring you prefer.


Branding & Decals:  Anybody can go out and buy a Life Fitness treadmill for his or her facility.  Nobody, however, is simply buying a Life Fitness treadmill just to have a facility that looks like everyone else’s.  We will provide you with custom branded equipment with your own logo.  This will help give your facility its signature, customized look it needs to stand out.


Equipment Leasing:  Various leasing options are available for your facility.  So, outfit your space the way you want to now and over the next three, four or five years.  YES, you CAN lease pre-owned and remanufactured equipment too.  Contact us for more details.


Gym Layout:  With the extensive experience the team has here, we can assist and give you our expert opinions and recommendations regarding your facility layout whether it’s a home gym, garage gym or commercial facility.


Equipment Buying, Trade-in & Consignment:   Do you have equipment you are no longer using or no longer want?  It doesn’t have consume valuable real estate in your facility or rot in your gym any longer!  Give us a call….Let us know what the make and model is of what you’d like to unload.   Emailing at least a picture or two of the equipment will help speed the process as well.