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The EcoMill is an all “green” manually powered treadmill that uses zero electricity. The EcoMill is completely self-contained and utilizes a battery back-up to power the display. The user actually generates electricity while they are exercising which re-charges the battery.

The EcoMill takes advantage of Woodway’s superior, near frictionless drive system and allows users to workout in an eco-friendly way, using zero electricity. If a facility is looking to make an immediate impact on the environment without sacrificing the products they offer to members, then the EcoMill serves as a great alternative to conventional motorized treadmills that consume a great deal of electricity.

Speed Control – WOODWAY has mastered non-motorized treadmill technology allowing the user to set their desired max speed. Our electromagnetic braking system effectively controls and maintains a consistent speed throughout.

Safety Features – The EcoMill has an initial max speed setting of 1.0 mph to prevent over acceleration. Triggering the safety lanyard during a workout returns the max speed to 1.0 mph.

Battery Back-up System – Assures uninterrupted use of the display functions during a workout. Battery recharges during workout.

Running Surface 17” X 67”
60 individual rubber slats
Speed Control High power 900 watt eddy-current braking system for controlled speed regulation
Elevation Innovative Curve
User Weight Capacity Running 500 lbs

Walking 800 lbs

Drive System 114 precision ball bearings
Toothed belt and drive wheels
Power Source 12vdc/12ah sealed rechargeable battery
On board generator and battery management
Weight 300 lbs
Electrical Does Not Require Electricity