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The StairMaster 8 Series 8G Gauntlet Is an innovative stair climber that offers a dynamic and challenging cardio workout. With its cutting-edge design and advanced features, this machine takes stair climbing to new heights. The 8G Gauntlet’s revolving staircase design engages major muscle groups in the lower body, delivering a full-body workout that maximizes calorie burn and improves cardiovascular endurance. Its ergonomic handrails and comfortable pedals ensure stability and safety during intense climbs. With its durable construction and sleek design, the StairMaster 8 Series 8G Gauntlet with LCD – New 2022 is a perfect fit for commercial gyms and home fitness centers alike. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this stair climber is an exceptional fitness solution that will help you achieve remarkable results and elevate your overall fitness journey.


  • Step Surface: 10in (25 cm) Deep x 22in (56cm) Width
  • Step Height: 8in (20cm)
  • Step Rate: 20 Levels ranging from 24-162 steps per minute
  • Step Up Height: 12in (30cm)
  • Recommended Ceiling Height: 10’ (305cm)
  • Heart Rate Measurement System: Telemetry and contact HR (Bluetooth with embedded display)
  • Controls: Easily accessible Hot Bar® is located closer to the user with one-finger speed and elevation controls, integrated stop button and contact heart rate grips
  • Display: Choose from LCD, 10″ or 15″ OpenHub display options
  • Accessories: Multiple bottle and accessory holders, LCD and 10″ displays pre-wired for 8 Series PVS entertainment, 800/900MHz receivers, and tablet holder
  • Max User Weight: 350lb (159kg)
  • Drive System: Alternator
  • Electrical Requirement: 12 V/5 Amp power supply
  • Additional Features: Landmark Challenge