The Multi Press is designed as a multi-use weight machine that allows you to do four exercises in one machine. You can do a decline bench press, flat bench press, incline bench press as well as shoulder press. The seat is easily adjustable and can be used as a chest press machine at home, school or any fitness setting. It has 2″ x 4″ flat oval tubing, ¼” dia. 4000-pound cable and 4 ½” pulleys for rugged durability. It comes with full steel shrouds with a powder and clear coated mar resistant lustrous finish. It also comes with a standard 200 lb. weight stack that can upgrade by 50 lbs. up to 300 lbs.

*PLEASE NOTE: The picture used is of the newer model of the CT-Line as we could not find stock photos of the older unit. Only difference is the configuration of the weight stack shroud.*