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The Technogym Cardio Wave 700i is the only cardiovascular fitness equipment that engages the user on three different planes of movement simultaneously; extension, abduction and external rotation. This unique, multidimensional workout enables you to appeal to and engage a broader range of customers with a variety of fitness goals. The Technogym Cardio Wave 700i delivers the results that fitness seekers are looking for, a high calorie workout that strengthens the gluteus and lower limbs while focusing on the core stabilizer muscles, a full body coordination in three dimensions that is a safe, non-impacting routine. The Technogym Cardio Wave 700i appeals to all ages and fitness levels and with its unique biomechanical features, Cardio Wave delivers natural, effective and safe movements. This makes it suitable for all your customers, including active aging members and those recovering from injury or sickness. It has a unique entertainment appeal and the optional Active Wellness TV gives user’s access not only to TV, but also to video from their iPods or other compatible devices. In addition, the natural rhythm of the Technogym Cardio Wave has an intrinsic beat which encourages training to music.



Programs: 15

Resistance Levels: 25

Stepping Speed Range: 33 – 310 Steps per Minute

Heart Rate: Contact Heart Rate | Polar Compatible

Pedals: Independent Pedals

Additional Features: Core Stabilization, Biomechanically Correct

Planes of Movement: (3) – Extension, Abduction, External Rotation

Technogym Cardio Wave 700i Weight: 290lbs

Drive System: Eddy Current

Power Requirement: Self-Powered

Pedal System: Self-aligning ERGOSTRIDE pedal system

User Capacity: 350 lbs

Dimensions: 63″ X 30″ X 59″