SportsArt C52U Bike


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The SportsArt C52u Upright is a “normal” model hometrainer, yet SportsArt managed to equipt it with ufit technology, meaning the ergonomical saddle can not only be adjusted in height, but you can also adjust the angle for the optimal seating position. The SportsArt C52u Upright also uses the unique ufit technology, ensuring you’ll always manage to find the optimal workout position. You can adjust just about everything on this cycle, the height of the saddle, the position of the back-support, the distance to the pedals and the angle of the ‘infinitely adjustable’ seatback! The SportsArt C52u Upright is equipped with the most up to date computer you can imagine, offering an array of pre-programmed training programs of which the intensity can be adjusted to suit your needs. Enter your age and the C52u will automaticly calculate your ideal program to burn fat and stay fit. The CardioAdvisor Heart Rate Training System, helps you stay in the right training zone.

Dimensions: 46″L x 22″W x 57″H
Resistance System: Electromagnetic
Weight Capacity: 400 lbs
Length 46″
Width 22″
Height 57″