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If you are looking to improve cardio fitness, shed a few pounds or just stay toned and fit, the 9.27 delivers. Whether you walk or run, the deck cushions your joints with the same patented technology used on our commercial treadmills, and offers a smooth, comfortable workout. And with just the right combination of programs, user IDs and features, the 9.27 helps keep you moving toward your fitness goals.

Overall Footprint (Floor space needed): 76″ X 31″
-Running Belt: 58″ X 20″
-15% slope powered via a lift that produces 700+ pounds of torque
-12 mph top speed suitable for users who want to run
-Nice springy feel to running deck
-Very responsive speed incremental adjustments — if you are into interval training this is good
-Heart monitoring courtesy of the more accurate heart strap (versus contact heart rate)
-Maintenance-FREE treadmill — courtesy of steel welds, non lubricating belt, plus center belt mechanism that holds it firmly in place